Edition Pieces
New Year's Nyan Cat

Created for New Year's.

Nyan Aoki

Official Collaboration with Steve Aoki! Holders to receive limited edition DIMAK jacket at a later date.

Pumpkin Spice Nyan Cat

Pumpkin Spice Nyan Cat makes a spoopy appearance.

Pirate Nyan Cat

Aargh Matey! Pirate Nyan Cat sets off in search o' pirate's booty.

Nyantendo Nyan Cat

Now you're playing with power!

Biker Nyan Cat

What a great way to get around town!

Vaporwave Nyan Cat


Fancy Nyan Cat

Top hat and wine, what more could you ask for?

Star-Spangled Nyan Cat

Created for Independence Day (Fourth of July)

Fiesta Dog

Nyan Cat's trusty best friend. Originally created in 2011.

Angelic Nyan Cat

It's a fight between good and evil. Who will win?

Demonic Nyan Cat

It's a fight between good and evil. Who will win?

Celebracion Nyan Cat

Created for Cinco De Mayo

Terra Nyan Cat

Created for Earth Day

Glitch Nyan Cat

Error 404

Hazy Nyan Cat

Created for 4/20 in official collaboration with Snoop Dogg

Golden Nyan Cat

This one is for top hodlers

Shiny Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat shimmers across the night sky

Lucky Nyan Cat

Created for St. Patrick's Day

Original NFTs (1/1)
Holographic Nyan Aoki

Collaboration with Steve Aoki

Surfing Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat takes to the ocean and tests out rad surfing skills.

Nyan Snoop Dogg

Collaboration with official Snoop Dogg

Nyan Doodle

Original doodle created back on 4/2/2011 that became the blueprint for the creation of Nyan Cat.

LOL Comics

Collaboration with the incredibly talented 3D digital artist @ArtPetio

Nyan Dogecoin

Nyan Dogecoin also available as a YouTooz collectible.

Nyan Cat

The original Nyan Cat minted as a one of a kind NFT. Also available as a YouTooz collectible.